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Ascent borrowers are granted the unique opportunity to engage in employer-led project-based internships, in partnership with Riipen and wrap around support. With specialized career development resources and personalized coaching provided by AscentUP, this collaboration will equip learners with the skills, confidence and experience necessary to thrive in their careers.

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Working with AscentUP learners

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How to create and submit a project for AscentUP

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Employers can post a range of digital tech projects, including but not limited to data analysis, digital marketing, UX/UI design, learning design, software development, product management & IT management. Each project you post will be matched with a team of 5 AscentUP learners and should be completed over 3-6 weeks

What type of projects can I post?

What is AscentUp?

The AscentUP program focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills and professionalism to excel from day one. Through targeted, professional development training and dedicated 1-on-1 coaching, we ensure our learners are not just ready but are adept at engaging in any professional environment.

At AscentUP, we combine career development resources withpersonalized coaching to enhance our students' professional capabilities. This approach aligns closely with your projects, providing you with candidates who are prepared to contribute meaningfully to your organization and to grow within their careers.

Access our template library for inspiration, or browse to see what other employers are looking for. We make it easy for you to convert your digital tech challenge into off-the-shelf 150-hour projects.

Easily turn your business challenges into projects

Just mark projects complete to issue compensation

Your learners will receive a $300 stipend for each project completed, paid directly by Riipen. All you have to do is review their final submission, provide feedback, and mark the project as complete.

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A registered US business or non-profit organization

An elected official

Part of an organization that engages in partisan political activities, and/or a federal, state, territorial, or municipal government

Many US employers are already eligible

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an AscentUP project need to include?

Projects should provide 30 hours of work per learner participating. Each project must be completed within 3-6 weeks. For more information on how to create and submit a project for AscentUP, consult this article.

How many projects can I submit, and how many learners can I take on?

There’s no limit to how many projects an employer can submit to the AscentUP Program. You will be assigned a team of 5 per project. You must be able to provide at least 5 hours of mentorship and coaching to each project team you are matched with.

What if my project requires more than 30 hours of work?

If this is the case, we suggest splitting the one project into two distinct projects. Keep in mind working with 5 learners means a project can require 150 hours of work in total.

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Post your project in 5 simple steps:

150-hour digital tech projects

Remote Mentorship

Support Learners

Get the immediate help you need with projects by delegating your tasks to learners, at no cost to your business. Your project will be matched with a team of 5 learners, each contributing 30 hours.

Post your tasks and work with learners remotely and directly. We require a minimum of 5 hours from organizations to communicate feedback over the course of your collaboration.

AscentUP provides career development resources and personalized coaching alongside your employer projects to ensure learners have skills and professionalism necessary to thrive in your business, and their long-term careers.

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