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How it works

Beyond the Cloud is partnering with Riipen, the leading work-integrated learning platform, to provide dynamic pathways to Canada’s cloud technology sector. Through hands-on, employer-led projects, this collaboration will help aspiring digital infrastructure professionals pave their way for success with in-demand skills and work experience. Beyond the Cloud provides accessible internships to support a more inclusive and thriving technology workforce. 

Beyond the Cloud: Powering Next Generation Canadian Digital Infrastructure is funded by Upskill Canada [powered by Palette Skills] and the Government of Canada.

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

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Working with Beyond the Cloud Participants

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How to create and submit a project for Beyond the Cloud

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Employers can post a range of projects that are well suited to dev ops, data and network administration, backend development, cloud engineering, cloud architecture, and cloud administration, including but not limited to a structured process encompassing challenge identification, requirements gathering, research, and development of a viable solution or prototype.

What type of projects can I post?

What is Beyond The Cloud?

A program built by ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) to develop job-ready workers through training and a remote employer-led project.   It is an opportunity for employers seeking to connect with highly skilled workers in the field of digital infrastructure and build their talent pipeline, powered by Riipen.

Access our template library for inspiration, or browse to see what other employers are looking for. We make it easy for you to convert your business challenge into off-the-shelf 4-week projects. We require a minimum of 5 hours from mentorship from employers over the course of your collaboration.

Easily turn your business challenges into projects

Who are the Beyond The Cloud Participants?

Participants are unemployed, underemployed or employed Canadians seeking to upskill themselves to be job ready for in-demand roles across the digital ecosystem. They will have completed specialized training across dev ops, data and network administration, backend development, cloud engineering, cloud architecture, and cloud administration.

The final phase of the program is to complete a project where they are required to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to apply core digital infrastructure principles. 

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Ready to access top-tier talent?

Empowering Canadian employers to help drive the development of the digital technology sector with 4-week digital infrastructure internships from July to August 2024. 

Tap into 40-75 hours of highly skilled professionals at no cost and get the help you need from database administrators, network administrators, cloud engineers, cloud architects, cloud administrators, dev ops, and back end developers.

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A registered Canadian business or non-profit organization

A member of the House of Commons or Senate of Canada

Part of an organization that engages in partisan political activities, and/or a federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal government

Many Canadian employers are already eligible

What does a Beyond the Cloud project need to include?

Projects should provide up to 4 weeks of work per participating learner. Each project must be completed within 4 weeks. For more information on how to create and submit a project for, you can consult this article.

How many projects can I submit and how many learners can I take on?

There’s no limit to how many projects an employer can submit to the program. You will be assigned a team of 3-5 learners per project.

What if my project is going to take longer than 4 weeks?

All of the learners working on your project will be required to complete up to 40 hours of work in the 4 week period. Working with 3-5 learners is somewhere in the region of 200 hours. If you feel that the work requires more than 200 hours, you are welcome to work with a larger number of learners.

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