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ECO Canada is partnering with Riipen, the leading work-integrated learning platform, to provide dynamic pathways to Canada’s environmental sector. Through hands-on, employer-led projects, this collaboration will help aspiring eco-professionals pave their way for success with in-demand skills and work experience. From environmental protection and sustainability, to research, policy, and public awareness, Pathways to Environmental Careers provides accessible internships to support a more inclusive and thriving environmental workforce. 

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

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Working with Eco Pathways learners

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How to create and submit a project for ECO Pathways

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Employers can post a range of environmental projects, including but not limited to sustainability strategy, training and education, conservation, research, resource management, and advocacy. Companies in the environmental sector can also post projects which support their mission such as digital marketing,  data analytics, or grant writing. 

What type of projects can I post?

What is Pathways to Environmental Careers?

A remote program tailored for employers seeking to connect with aspiring environmental professionals and build their talent pipeline with paid internships, powered by Riipen. 

Access our template library for inspiration, or browse to see what other employers are looking for. We make it easy for you to convert your digital tech challenge into off-the-shelf 80-hour projects.

Easily turn your business challenges into projects

Just mark projects complete to issue compensation

Your learners will receive a $1500 stipend for each project completed, paid directly by Riipen. All you have to do is review their final submission, provide feedback, and mark the project as complete
We require a minimum of 5 hours of mentorship from organizations to communicate feedback over the course of your collaboration.

Empowering Canadian employers with fully subsidized 80-hour environmental internships from January to March 2024. 

Tap into highly skilled professionals at no cost and get the help you need with projects like research, sustainability strategy, green product management, communications and more.

Spaces are limited - sign up now!  

A registered Canadian business or non-profit organization

A member of the House of Commons or Senate of Canada

Part of an organization that engages in partisan political activities, and/or a federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal government

Many Canadian employers are already eligible

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does an ECO project need to include?

Projects should provide 80 hours of work per learner participating. Each project must be completed within 2-6 weeks. For more information on how to create and submit a project for, you can consult this article.

How many projects can I submit and how many Learners can I take on?

There’s no limit to how many projects an employer can submit to the Program. You should work with 3-4 learners per project.

What if my project requires more than 80 hours of work?

If this is the case, we suggest taking on more learners on the same project. We ask that employers accept at least 3 learners per project, but up to 4. Working with 4 learners means a project can require 320 hours of work in total.

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