Bringing Project-Based Learning to Lakehead Classrooms

Discover how to turn assignments and hypothetical case studies into a real-world experience for your students with the support from Riipen - the world's leading experiential learning platform.

"students develop critical skills in leadership, problem solving and collaboration"

"the ability to work with real life customers in varying industries is a huge bonus"

"this experience reinforced students' employability"

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The future of work is changing.

Over 75% of employers say their expectations for candidates are higher than they were five years ago. What are we doing to better prepare students to enter the workforce? One of the most effective ways to prepare Canada’s youth with the skills for the future is by embracing Work Integrated Learning (WIL).  

But as more institutions are moving to embed WIL into the curriculum at varying levels of study, scaling these initiatives while considering aspects like accessibility has proved time-consuming and expensive.

Now more than ever, with changing work and learning habits, and many students spending more time online, it's time to rethink curriculum-embedded WIL.

We'll show you how with Riipen.

Please note: this webinar will be recorded and sent to all confirmed attendees. If you are interested but cannot attend, please register and the recording will be sent to you after the webinar.

In this info session you will learn:

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Join Maryann Kleynendorst (Experiential Learning Navigator - Faculty of Business Administration), Kevin Brooks (MA Advisor - Social Justice Studies Program) , Graham Passmore (Associate Professor - Faculty of Education), and Ayman Alahmar (Assistant Professor, Department of Software Engineering) in an interactive and engaging panel discussion sharing their personal experiences using Riipen in their learning environments.  

Participants will also receive background information on how Riipen: 

  • Supports educators in easily creating valuable experiential learning projects (or Community and Industry Research & Projects - CIRPS - as defined by CEWIL's latest definitions of WIL) that satisfy your learning objectives. 
  • Helps you easily connect with employers and has an LMS-integrated platform to help you easily manage these projects.

Following the session, Harris Green - our Academic Account Manager from Riipen - will be hosting a 1 hour (optional) office hour session on Zoom where participants will be able receive individualized support with designing their course posting.

This info session is for you if:

  • You are directly involved in course design, instruction, assessment, or experiential learning coordination at Lakehead University in any Faculty

Laser-focused, scalable experiential learning opportunities.

Riipen's network of over 2100 courses and 100+ course templates provides insight into how other educators are embedding work-integrated learning (WIL) into even niche courses.

10,000+ active industry partners ready to engage with students and be co-educators in their journey, plus a 96% match rate means you have confidence your students will find a great match.

Robust Employer Network

Curriculum-Embedded WIL

About Riipen

Riipen is the world's largest online work-integrated learning marketplace, where organizations of all sizes connect with educators to collaborate with university and college students on short-term projects and competitions.

Our mission is to “enable all students from all backgrounds and geographies to access work-integrated experiential learning (WIEL) to support learners of all backgrounds to bridge the skills gap, gain career clarity, network with potential employers, and find jobs they love."

About Riipen

Workshop: Wednesday October 20th from 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

Drop-in office hour held by Harris: Thursday October 21st from 1:00PM - 2:00 PM EST

"The excellent customer service and tech support makes this a seamless and extremely efficient platform to network for students, faculty, and industry; especially in the context of the current pandemic. I haven’t found a better way to meet the goals of Work-Integrated Learning at Lakehead as well as experiential learning opportunities throughout."

Maryann Kleynendorst 

Experiential Learning Navigator, Department of Business Administration, Lakehead University

About Lakehead University’s partnership with Riipen

Riipen has partnered with RBC Future Launch to increase access to, and deliver, experiential learning for post-secondary students in a scalable way. We will help prepare students for the future of work by helping them bring classroom concepts to life and get access to practical work experience. 

With funding from RBC Future Launch, all students and faculty at Lakehead University have access to explore opportunities to participate in and/or deliver experiential learning through Riipen. Lakehead University has also created an internal page devoted to Riipen through the Teaching Commons.