Bringing Project-Based Learning to UND Classrooms

What if students could work on real-world projects with a company or organization within your next course?

"students develop critical skills in leadership, problem solving and collaboration"

"the ability to work with real life customers in varying industries is a huge bonus"

"this experience reinforced students' employability"

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The future of work is changing.

Experiential learning is changing the landscape of education. Providing students with real-world experiences is helping them increase their skills, apply their knowledge, and prepare for the future. Through UND's recent partnership with Riipen, you can now integrate these experiences into the courses you're already teaching.

Riipen’s easy-to-use platform enables students to collaborate with employers on instructor-designed projects as part of their coursework. We encourage every instructor to think about how this opportunity applies to their curriculum and students. 

The Riipen platform can help you create a work-integrated learning experience in under an hour. The easiest way to get started is by joining the UND portal on Riipen.

Why now? It's important to design your project-based learning experience now, to provide ample time to match your students with an employer in time for your upcoming courses. Riipen's network already includes thousands of companies and not-for-profits who are eager to collaborate with students and support their development of applied skills and employability.

Please note: this webinar will be recorded and sent to all confirmed attendees. If you are interested but cannot attend, please register and the recording will be sent to you after the webinar.  

For more information on the UND and Riipen partnership:

In this info session you will learn:

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  • How to create and design your course/remote internship
  • How to connect with industry partners
  • How to leverage our workflow management tool
  • How your students can use the platform

This info session is for you if:

  • You are a staff or faculty member at the University of North Dakota involved in delivering in-class or extracurricular content to students

Laser-focused, scalable experiential learning opportunities.

Riipen's network of over 2100 courses and 100+ course templates provides insight into how other educators are embedding work-integrated learning (WIL) into even niche courses.

10,000+ active industry partners ready to engage with students and be co-educators in their journey, plus a 96% match rate means you have confidence your students will find a great match.

Robust Employer Network

Curriculum-Embedded WIL

About Riipen

Riipen is the world's largest online work-integrated learning marketplace, where organizations of all sizes connect with educators to collaborate with university and college students on short-term projects and competitions.

Our mission is to “enable all students from all backgrounds and geographies to access work-integrated experiential learning (WIEL) to support learners of all backgrounds to bridge the skills gap, gain career clarity, network with potential employers, and find jobs they love."

About Riipen

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Multiple session dates available